Posted on: March 26, 2008 3:35 pm

Why I Think KoME24 Shouldn't get the MVP

Okay, this is why I dont' think KoME should get the MVP.  ANd I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate responses because it seems like every suckup out there is a Kobe fan.

#1 KoME only brought his team to the top of the tightly contested western standings AFTER Pau Gasol joined the lineup. And you can't say that it stands for much being up at the top of the Western Conference because each team is like a 1/2 game behind each other where losing two games could put you down in the 4 or 5 spot. 

#2 KoME has always been about himself.  He doesn't make his team better by any stretch of the imagination.  They have learned to adapt to his style of play.

#3 Chris Paul has done a TREMENDOUS job, better than Kobe.  Lebron is freakishly great and his statistics are higher than Kobe.  But guess what, he plays in the East so that does make a difference.  Garnett deserves MVP consideration because of the obvious.  Pierce was there long before Garnett came and look at their record before hand. 

Now, dont' get me wrong, I'm not nieve enough to say Kobe isn't a great player.  Yes he is a great player, he just doesn't deserve the MVP this year.  But he does deserve to be considered in the frontrunning, more so than the previous years where his team was barely making the playoffs.  Now before you go and say crap on Nash, because I'm a Suns fan, I'll admit Nash isn't even close this year.  If I had to pick on my team it would be AMARE, man the guy is a monster, yet he still doesn't get the credit on anyone's ratings.........

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Posted on: February 27, 2008 6:20 pm

Shaq's presence

I'm sure hoping that Shaq and the Suns figure it out pretty quick.  If it was another year where the playoff race wasn't so tight in the West then I would say all for not gelling so quickly, but if they keep up the pace that they are going with him then they won't even be in the playoffs.  We need to be at least in the top four for home court advantage for the first round, but don't count out the Suns yet!
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Posted on: January 31, 2008 4:30 pm

All-star selections

I'm really looking forward to the announcements of the All-start reserves today.  I'm really interested to see who is going to get snubbed this year.  As far as my picks are concerned, for my reserves, here is my list:


G- Steve Nash

G- Chris Paul

F - Carlos Boozer

F - Dirk Nowitzki

C - Amare Stoudemire


G - Deron Williams

G - Brandon Roy


G - Chauncey Billips

G - Ray Allen

F - Antawn Jamison

F -  Caron Butler

C - Chris Bosh


G - Rip Hamilton

G - Joe Johnson

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